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ITV, Channel 4 and Five merger could happen

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Media Guardian have reported that ITV execs have laid out concrete plans for much speculated three-way merger which would see them, Channel 4 and Five merged as a single advertiser-funded commercial broadcaster.

With all three broadcasters facing huge annual losses, jobs cuts and a prediction that the advertising downturn will continue until at least April, ITV have acted on Lord Carter’s endorsement of a large commercially-funded UK broadcaster to rival the BBC and drawn up the plans. Read the rest of this entry »


Written by jessewhittock

February 26, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Who wants a C4/Five merger? Lord Carter does, do you?

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Channel 4 - A headtrip inside or outside

Channel 4 - A headtrip inside or outside

After the Kangaroo debacle of last week, focus on C4 has switched back to the future of the network, namely, who can save the sinking ship? BBC Worldwide? Andy Duncan wouldn’t hear of it. Other interest has been, let’s say conservatively, limited. Or liberally, non-existent. Except, that is, for the continued rumours that Five are planning some kind of smash and grab raid.

I reported Five’s interest last week, and Lord Carter today reiterated his belief that a C4/Five merger should not be casually written off. Too be honest, C4 don’t have a massive amount of leverage here – when nobody in the (techno) playground likes you, you can’t choose who you play with.

I asked a few mates, not experts, just a few guys and gals who appreciate what C4 once stood for what they think about the idea. Responses varied from “Five is shit, though, unless Channel 4 wants to nick CSI,” to “By the sounds of things it’s all so screwed up that maybe I should make a new station myself.” Read the rest of this entry »

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February 11, 2009 at 9:08 pm

The freefall from grace of Channel 4

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Channel 4 was once the cool younger brother of the UK broadcasting family. It played the role of black sheep brilliantly, producing programmes, stars and standards of broadcasting rarely reached in the television era.

However, under the leadership of Andy Duncan, recent years have seen major trouble for the broadcaster, particularly in the furores over reality TV guff, in particular Big Brother, where the entire remit of the station has been called into question and a number of phone-in scandals. (Must be noted here this is not just a C4 problem, BBC productions have also been in hot water over this.) Read the rest of this entry »